Carnage by COVID-19; invincible or mismanagement?

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COVID-19 has shown it’s catastrophic nature all through the world in past 1 year. Talking specifically about India, the country has reported more than 29 Millions cases since the start of the virus. Not only this, the more scary are the death counts that stand at more than 389K. These numbers show the story of carnage caused by COVID-19 throughout India. But, amid all these chaos a question concerns every individual. That question is ” Was the carnage caused by COVID-19 unstoppable? Is Coronavirus invincible? Or these horrifying number of COVID cases and deaths are mere a result of mismanagement?

The opposition has been attacking GOI since the beginning of pandemic. There was not even a single day when opposition parties did not allege the ruling government of mismanagement. Another fact that we cannot deny is that COVID-19 caused the same or even greater level of destruction in developed countries like USA, Brazil, Britain and Italy as compared to that caused in India. Undoubtedly, the second wave that hit our country around April has caused unexpected trouble for the people of India. There are allegations that if the government would have acted swiftly, then the level of carnage could have been reduced.

The situation was very disturbing at the time when country was reporting around 400k cases per day. There were visuals of people starving for an oxygen bed, Queues outside the hospitals, long lines of people in the quest for just an oxygen cylinder and people waiting outside crematoriums to cremate their dear ones who succumbed to this deadly virus. That was a dark phase for every Indian. Certainly, It could not have been possible for any country to managed such huge number of positive cases. But all the Indians unitedly fought this nightmare and came out stronger than ever.

Amid all this another question that arises is that, what if the country prepared itself for the possible second wave? What if lockdown was imposed as soon as there was spark in cases? What if there was focus on aggressive vaccination? Although the Government came in action when situation started worsening and took all the possible decision from allocating oxygen for solely medical purpose to announcing lockdowns in the affected areas. Along with this, now we are also focusing on aggressive vaccination as India vaccinated more than 8 Million people in past 24 hours.

Nevertheless, as they say “Mistakes have the power to turn you into something better than you were before.” While I write this article, country prepares itself for the upcoming third wave as the specialist suggest. Rahul Gandhi also released a white paper on COVID-19 as he says his objective is prepare the nation for the third wave of COVID-19 and not to criticize the government.

Moreover, the most effective weapon against COVID-19 that we have today is Vaccine. All we can do is turn up for vaccinations in large numbers and get ourselves protected from this deadly virus. We all must understand that no one is safe until everyone is safe. As the GOI said that it’ll inoculate all those eligible for vaccines by the end of this year. So, let’s just keep faith in the government and fight this unitedly as a nation.

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