Motto Of UP Election: Development or Casteism

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Source: Quint Hindi

Within a few months, the Election Commission of India will handover the chariot of UP politics to the public. Every political party will love to become the charioteer for the next five years. In the state with a population of about 23.15 crore, of which 14.12 crore(according to NDTV in 2017) are voters, the political campaigns often run according to the dynamics of religion and castes. In the last election, religion and caste played an important role and BJP exploited this characteristic the most and came in power.
But even in 2021, the question is the same, whether development or casteism will play an important role in the UP election of 2022?

In 2017, PM Narendra Modi was the driving force behind that 325 seat win of Bhartiya Janta Party. If one would have analysed that election then it would have been driven that in that election the Hinduism factor overpowered the casteism factor. Except few castes, which are completely devoted towards their political parties like Yadavs(Ahirs) towards Samajwadi Party, Dalits(Schedule Castes) towards Bahujan Samaj Party, all other castes just tilted towards the Hinduism factor of BJP. The general caste and non-Yadav OBCs played an important role in Awadh and Purvanchal. BJP saw the rise of 24.67% and got almost 3.58 crore votes.

But that is the story of a state 5 years ago. BJP under Yogi Adityanath ruled the state and many things have changed overtime. The reign of INC and BSP can be seen coming to an end. Both the parties are losing their permanent voters and especially INC. Dalits are still in support with BSP but without the support of either OBC or General castes, the path of BSP seems to be very difficult. Since the complete upper caste is tilted towards BJP, the doors of the government are closed for BSP. Since Apna Dal(Sonelal) is supporting BJP, the voters of Kurmi(Patel) caste are also to be found with BJP. Few analyses show that AD(S) is becoming the third largest party of Uttar Pradesh, the chances of BJP are more than any other political party.

Concluding the point, it can be said that the fight of the 2022 UP election is going to happen between only two parties, NDA and SP. According to the sources, BJP is ready to fight the election under the leadership of Yogi Adityanath. Akhilesh Yadav is also set to lead the election campaign of Samajwadi Party. Everyone is just waiting for the announcement of election dates by the Election Commision of India.

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