Allison Mack, sentenced for three years , in NXIVM case

Allison Mack
Image Courtesy: Listal

Allison Mack, best known for her role, as a young Superman’s close friéndomelo the series “Smallvile” — found guilty for manipulating women into become sex slaves for the leader of a cult- group NXIVM, is sentenced to three years in prison. The leader of the group , Keith Raniere , had created a secret group , for all those women who worked for him as sex slaves , and were branded with his initials. Allison , feels , great remorse and guilt , towards the women who became a part of NXIVM because of her. She mentioned her deep regrets in a letter filed with the court. Mack is supposed to surrender on September 29 and is allowed to remain on bail at home till then.

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