India’s Vaccination Record: World Record or A Predetermined Show-off Strategy?

vaccine program
Image Source: Nikkei Asia

On 21st June, when Central government’ revised vaccination policy came into effect, India administered a record 90 Lakh vaccine jabs throughout the country with Madhya Pradesh at the top with 17 lakh jabs. This was a world record in itself as no country hadn’t been done this yet. But one needs to understand the number game.

Before 21st June, when under the revised policy Centre started procuring vaccines for states for 18+ age group, India inoculated averagely 32 lakh doses per day in last one week that is from 14th to 17th June. One could argue that it might been happened because of center’s old vaccination policy and inability of states to procure vaccines from vaccine pharms. Then, On 21st June, India set up a world record of vaccination. But day after this world record on 22nd June, this number sharply fallen down to 54 lakh doses total inoculated. Madhya Pradesh which administered 17 lakh vaccines on 21st June, had administered even less than 5,000 doses on 22nd June.

However, it would be early to say whether this was a predetermined show-off strategy to gain public’s trust and confidence. It would be interesting to see whether this trend would continue or not.

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