Is It Virat’s Fault?

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Yet, again, India lost another knockout game of an ICC event where they were just few steps away from winning a title. Eventually, the wait continues for being a World champion since 2013. Years long title ‘famine’ haven’t ended yet. India had last won an ICC event in 2013 which was ICC Champions trophy. Since then, India has been knocked out equally in semi-finals and finals of 6 ICC tournaments. 3 times out of 6, this happened under the captaincy of Virat Kohli. India has lost all tournaments including recently played WTC final since Virat has taken the overburden of expectations of 1.4B Indians. But are we blaming Virat Kohli unnecessarily?

“This Indian team has stayed at the top of the test rankings for five straight years, but unfortunately history will remember the one hour that India didn’t plan. The legacy of teams and captains is defined by the trophies they win; it doesn’t matter how many battles you win if you fail to win the war.”Aakash Chopra

Perhaps, Kohli is unluckiest captain in World Cricket. Under his leadership, neither his IPL franchise RCB nor Indian team have ever won a title. But blame is always been put on Virat Kohli as this has happened under his captaincy. As a student can’t be merely judged on the marks scored by him in the exams in the same way a captain must not be merely judged on the number of titles won by him. But in our society, we do judge a student on his marks.

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India have had a poor record in SENA countries. India’s all ex-captains from Kapil Dev to Sourav Ganguly and from Rahul Dravid to MS Dhoni, all had tried to improvise and all got success too. That success was very significant but too small as under each captain team had won only one 1-2 series notably. The legacy of all these great captains has been carry forward by Virat Kohli. But besides this, what makes Kohli so different from all others is his aggression and attitude and the quality of leading from the front. Kohli changed Indian cricket the way Ponting had changed Australian and McCullum had changed New Zealand’s. As first decade of this century one-sidedly belonged to Australia, this decade is indeed going to belong to India.

Before going further, let’s take a look on the milestones achieved by Virat Kohli the Captain:

  • Captain of the ICC Test XI of the decade
  • Most Test wins as an Asian captain
  • Most away Test wins as an Indian captain
  • First Asian cap to win a Test series in Australia
  • Led India to No.1 for five consecutive years

Carrying the burden of expectations of millions of oversensitive and high-expecting fans is not an easy job. Even, When God of Cricket Sachin took India’s captaincy, he failed too. Yes, India has been choking in the most crucial games especially in knockouts since Kohli has become captain. But what Indian fans ought to do is simply to have trust and faith in their Captain and team. Here also, nice guys aren’t finishing first but remember it happens only sometimes. India has another chance ahead later this year in T-20 World cup. And for sure, we can expect that the drought of the title will come to end later this year.

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