25th June: Day of Hope and Despair

The date of 25th June in the history of India is marked as a day of both Hope and Despair.

world cup 1983 rediffmail
Image Source: Rediffmail

On June 25th 1983, Kapil Dev led Indian Cricket Team had won India’s maiden cricket world Cup by beating 2 times and the then defending champions West Indies in Lord’s. West Indies was the champion team of that time and there were no chances for India to win that World Cup. But Kapil Dev and his team made the history by beating them in a close and nail biting Final. The day of 25th June then became the day of hope that anything could be achieved by keeping full determination and doing hard work.

1975 Emergency opennaukri
Image Source: Opennaukri

However, 25th June was also the darkest day in Indian political history. On 25th June 1975, the then Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi imposed the ‘State of National Emergency’ in the whole nation because of prevailing ‘internal disturbance’, as justified by the Congress government. All fundamental rights given to the Indian citizens were been suspended during emergency. That day is marked as the day of despair for millions of Indians.

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