Akhilesh reverts to ‘cycle of corruption’ barb with ‘flower of loot’ dig at BJP

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In a reposte to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “cycle of corruption” barb directed explicitly at the former SP government in Uttar Pradesh, Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav on Tuesday derided the BJP’s election symbol ‘lotus’ by calling it “flower of loot.

Yadav, in a recent tweet in Hindi, said, “Earlier, thousands of crores of rupees were put in the bank accounts of the poor by previous governments, but now the ‘flower of lies’ is duping people round the clock by becoming the ‘flower of loot’.

He further added, “Today, the priority of the BJP government at the Centre and in UP is to pickpocket the poor and snatch the basic facilities.”

His counter came a day after Modi had accused the previous government in Uttar Pradesh of bamboozling the poor and neglecting health facilities in the state and only “filling its coffer.

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