Congress writes to Mark Zuckerberg seeking an internal inquiry on ‘fake news’, findings be made public

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“The atmosphere of propagating false news and hatred under Facebook‌, India’s patronage is becoming extremely dangerous and Facebook is becoming irresponsible,” Rohan Gupta, social media head of the All India Congress Committee (AICC), wrote in his letter to Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg.

Rohan Gupta also tweeted, “By making Facebook a weapon, BJP has done business of hate,” In his letter, he urged Zuckerberg to conduct an intrinsic inquiry into the functioning of Facebook India and make the findings public. “It is your responsibility as the head of this organisation to hold those responsible for betraying our people accountable for their actions,” ANI reported, citing an excerpt from the letter.

Further, he also shared a list of three “facts” which he claimed had come to the light. “Firstly, according to a report, when Facebook staff points out hatred and fake news content being spread through Facebook in India, the Facebook executives reply that it is not that big an issue, it is not a problem,” he said.

” This hatred is hollowing out India’s brotherhood and is weakening India. Facebook India seems to not have a problem with it and more importantly, BJP has no problem by weakening India due to hatred,” he added.“The second fact is that when inflammatory content, fake news was being spread on Facebook, the social media giant chose to ignore its own internal reports on the problem. Instead, Facebook India reduced the number of people in its team who controlled such,” he said. He also alleged that the BJP “took advantage” of this situation.

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