India to deploy two S-400 systems by early 2022, alters game with China

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Image credits : Hindustan Times

Two S-400 air defence systems will be functional in India early 2022 as two Russian trained teams are all prepared for the job. The Indian systems will balance the tactical disadvantage posed by Chinese S-400 deployments across Ladakh and Arunachal LAC.

With the induction of at least two regiments of S-400 air defence systems on north and east borders of India beginning 2022, the Modi government will finally balance the tactical disadvantage faced by the military after PLA’s surprise May 2020 transgressions on 1,597-km Ladakh Line of Control.

Two Moscow- based diplomats have reported that the advance elements of S-400 systems have already started arriving in India with deep penetration radars of the two systems (in sequence) in place next month. The two S-400 systems will be operational by early 2022 to match the Chinese deployment of the same Russian system across the Ladakh and Arunachal LAC. Two Indian military teams, trained in Russia, are ready to operate the S-400 system, which has a reach of nearly 400 km into enemy territory. The sole reason behind India’s ability to get two S-400 complexes in a short time is due to very close relationship between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is for this reason that President Vladimir Putin is making second exception this year to step out of his country to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 6.

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