Kangana Ranaut needs to read history, has no clue: Shashi Tharoor

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In an interview to NDTV, the Kerala MP said, “I think she needs to read the history a little bit. I don’t think she has a clue, unfortunately if she really thinks that Mahatma Gandhi was going out with a begging goal when he was a man of tremendous pride and distinction who told the British law is unjust I am breaking your law.” “Punish me as you wish…I’ll take your punishment. Is that the act of a beggar,” Tharoor added.

Ranaut, who is infamous for her controversial comments, has recently said India got its true freedom in 2014 as alms in 1947.Speaking at an event of a news channel, Ranaut had said, “The British knew blood will flow but it should not be Hindustani blood. They knew it…””Of course it was not true independence but alms (in 1947). India got its true independence in 2014,” she had added.

According to the NDTV interview, Tharoor said, “You can’t go around with the kind of really offensive rhetoric that we hear from the ruling party against a substantial minority in our country, treating them in ways that honestly are reprehensible.You can’t go around a silencing, dissent and slapping sedition charges on student leaders, politicians, journalists, and so on. You can’t go around locking up people… having a Jesuit priest die in jail, you can’t have all of these things happening with our people abroad sitting up and taking notice, you know, the world media is now all knit together. When things happen in India, they are reported abroad as well. And as a result, the coverage of India in the world press of late has become uniformly negative.”

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