Mohan Bhagwat on religious conversions: ‘Don’t need to change anyone, but won’t let our people change’

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The chief of RSS, Mohan Bhagwat has said that “our religion, which people today call Hindu religion, needs to be given to the world” and, without trying to convert, “we have to teach a way which is not worship, but a way of living”. As a matter of fact, the Indian society is diverse and has numerous gods and goddesses, but everyone has to be taken forward together in unison. It is a process which is going on for centuries, he said and added teachings of Hindu religion need to be given to the world without trying to convert anyone.

“Only those who are weak are exploited. Swami Vivekananda had said weakness is a sin. Power means to live in an organized manner. A person alone cannot be strong. In Kalyug, organisation is considered as power. We should take everyone together, we do not need to change anyone,” Bhagwat said at a congregation that included people from nearby villages.

While adressing the concluding function of a three-day ‘Ghosh Shivir’ (musical bands camp) in Madku Dweep in Chhattisgarh’s Mungeli district, he said India’s religion is truth and the country has shown the way of truth to the world.

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