People’s movement needed for the preservation of our languages: Venkaiah Naidu

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Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu addressed the 6th Anniversary of Rashtrethara Telugu Samakhya and said that people’s movement is needed for the preservation of our languages

“In order to deliver the benefits of our language traditions to future generations, people’s movement is needed to preserve languages, complementing the efforts of the government”, said the Vice President in 6th annual ‘Rashtretara Telugu Samakhya’ conference. 

He further said that people should come together as one for the cause of the Telugu language and the revitalisation of our local traditions.

Naidu also underscored the need for primary education to be in one’s mother tongue, as envisaged by National Educational Policy, 2020 and said people should learn their mother tongue to succeed in life as there are many examples in the past.

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