World Social Media Day !

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Social media is a platform that is gathering masses , helping them connect with each other even when separated by miles. Social media has become one of the major reasons of entertainment. And to honor this innovation , today is celebrated as World Social Media Day 2021. Even though social media is advantageous to many , it has become very common for people to get involved into crime. Every other day India reports several cyber crime that takes place on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram , Twitter , etc. To avoid any mishaps with oneself , one should keep certain things in mind , namely , creating a difficult password to prevent it from getting hacked. Along with this , changing passwords frequently is also advised to avoid hackers getting access to your account. Another verification feature which is available in websites like Instagram , Facebook, Twitter is ‘two-factor authentication’ this feature allows you to secure your account from any suspicious log-ins. The feature alerts you when your account is being logged in a new device. It will send you a code on your registered email ID or contact number for confirmation. Once confirmed, you can get access to your account easily.

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