Can we stop solar flares derailing driverless cars?

The news of solar flares and storms are quite common and anticipated

Solar flares scenario is becoming ever more likely as the digital systems get smaller and even more vulnerable to the effects of cosmic rays. Scientists are working on preventing the storm on the surface of sun from bringing down the internet or knocking out the control system of driverless cars on earth.

To try and prevent future problems scientists in England are using a chip radiation instrument to check the resilience of electronic devices. The spikes in radiation caused by solar flares happens almost annually and cause bit flips in computer memories where 0s and 1s can be interchanged in the binary code.

Dr. Christoper Frost, an instrument scientist in ISIS neurton and moon source research facility and his team stimulates atmospheric spectrum of neutrons that exist at ground level but at about 1.5 billion times intense which allows them to accelerate test electronic devices. In other words if we put electronic devices into the beam and effectively run them as if they’re really in the environment for about 1700000 years. So 1700000 years represented by one hour of testing. In that way we can test of the problems that are going to happen in these devices as a result of these neutrons.

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