Delhi Air Pollution: NASA map exhibits large number of farm fires In Punjab, Haryana

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As Delhi and adjoining areas continue to choke due to the deteriorating air quality, the fire map by NASA has shown a river of smoke streaming from farm fires in Punjab and Haryana towards the national capital.The images were captured by Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) on the Suomi NPP satellite on November 11, Nasa reported on its blog.

According to the available data, the cumulative fire count for Punjab till November 16 stood at 74,015, higher than the 72,373 recorded last year.

Pawan Gupta, a Universities Space Research Association (USRA) scientist at Nasa’s Marshall Space Flight Centre reported that “Looking at the size of the plume on November 11 and the population density in this area, I would say that a conservative estimate is that at least 22 million people were affected by smoke on this one day.”

Punjab’s Chief Minister, Charanjit Singh Channi had announce d that all cases lodged against farmers in connection with stubble burning will be quashed. He also appealed to farmers to refrain from stubble burning in future as it is deleterious both for the environment as well as human health besides hampering the fertility of the land to an enormous degree.

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