Odisha plans to plant Mangroves to protect from Cyclones

On Friday 18 June ,

The Odisha Government planned to raise mangrove and casuarinas plantations in around 109 and 4000 hectares of land, respectively , in the coastal belt. The state has around 480-kilometers-long coastal belt.

Odisha is one of the most cyclone prone states in the country, said the senior officer of the Forest , environment and climate change department, Odisha Government.

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Why are Mangroves important ?

– Mangroves Contribute to an increase in soil value by capturing riverine or coastal sediments that pass through, as well as adding their own organic matter in the form of roots, leaves and woody materials.

– The aerial roots of mangrove forests retain sediments and stabilize the soil in the area between high and low tide by reducing erosion during storms and floods – the roots, trunk and canopy of the mangrove can dissipate storm surges & waves.

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