Is ‘dieting’ all about avoiding food? What is a healthy and balanced diet

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Healthy diet leads to a healthy lifestyle, an active body and brain. A balanced diet is not at all about avoiding food, it’s about eating a combination of different foods, in which you get the proper amount of fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, carbohydrates and antioxidants.

According to Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) recommends per-person per-day calorie norms of 2400 kcal for rural areas and 2100 kcal for urban areas, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) but if we talk about a common minimum required calorie norm, it’s 1800 kcal per-person per-day for both rural and urban population.

A person who works in the fields and farms requires more calories intake than a person who sits in an office and works 9 to 5. So we have to plan our diet accordingly so that our body gets the proper amount of food required and helps us to stay full for a longer time.

In India, the main source of food is rice and wheat along with vegetables and lentils. Majority of the Indians diet consists of this, but the proper diet is if it is consumed in a proper portion.Example : 1 tortilla (chapati), 30g rice, 200g chicken/fish/eggs or vegetables, 1 cup lentils (daal), some crackers (papad) and salad for roughage and raita can be an example of a proper one time meal, where you get enough protein, vitamins and minerals.

Talking about the cooking oil, olive oil is said to be the best but not everyone can afford it, so olive oil can be replaced with ghee or butter as they are considered as a good fat source which is good for our body as well as consumption of ghee in a proper quantity can make your skin glow. If we talk about fitness, the diet plays a very important role. If a normal person wants to transform his body then, 30% depends on his workouts and 70% on his diet. What he/she consumes in a day and in what quantity. Even if a person trains for 5 days in a week but they’re not having a proper diet, he will not achieve the expected results.

Controlling cravings is a tough job!

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Ankita Kumari is a student of B.A Journalism and Mass Communication in Delhi school of Journalism from Delhi University. She has completed her education from CISCE board, St Xavier's School, Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand. Ankita is a state level gold medalist in Powerlifting under Federation of Jharkhand Powerlifting Association. She's persuing her undergraduate from University of Delhi. She aspires to become an unbiased journalist and news anchor. She manages a Youtube channel in her free time where she put her daily life reporting, cooking videos, vlogs and challenges. She loves cooking, reading and travelling along with this she has a huge intrest in gaming, she never step back to play with her friends and family whenever she gets free.

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