IPL will ruin pitches for ICC T20 WC?

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Amid COVID-19 situation in India, BCCI has decided to shift the ICC T20 WC 2021 to UAE which is scheduled to start from October 17 and final is set to be played on November 14, 2021. First round of T20 WC i.e., qualifier round will be played in UAE & OMAN. 

In May, IPL was postponed and now it is also scheduled to be held in UAE before the T20 WC 2021. Final of the IPL 2021 is likely to be held on OCT 15.

There are only 3 grounds in UAE, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. As the matches progress on the same square or on the same pitches, it will become difficult for ground staff to provide the lively pitches for the matches. Amid the dry summer in the months of October in UAE, pitches will turn spin friendly which can become the reason for ruining entertainment in T20 matches. 

So, BCCI have decided to conduct IPL in Caravan style which means that same ground will be used to continue 5-6 matches of IPL and then ICC will take over that ground so that they can get proper time for preparation and to give fresh pitches to T20 WC matches.

This will help the ground staff and ICC to prepare lively pitches so that entertainment of T20 matches shouldn’t be ruined.

8 teams namely Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, Scotland, Namibia, Oman & Papua New Guinea will fight for a place in super 12s. These 8 teams will be divided in two groups of 4 teams and after the group matches top 2 teams from each group will qualify for Super 12s.

Qualifying teams will join the already qualified top 8 ranked T20 teams as of December 31, 2018. 

Papua New Guinea has qualified for the first time for WC in any format. Oman will be the co-host for this qualifying round.

Talking about round 2 i.e, Super 12s, all 12 teams will be divided in two groups of 6 teams and after the group stage matches the table topper of Group A will play semi-final with the second team of Group B and the table topper of Group B will play semi-final against the second team of Group A. The teams which will win will play the final.

These all matches are scheduled to be held in three grounds of UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

But the question is still the same whether it will be possible for ground staff to provide fresh and lively pitches to both high rated tournaments. Since IPL will be held first, the last matches of ICC T20 WC may suffer!

So, let’s get ready to see whether IPL will ruin pitches for T20 WC or not?

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